Sing with Me

We have faced a relentless series of heartaches in 2020, one right after another. The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the anguish of not being able to sing together, disturbing social justice issues… all of these have tested our resolve.

During the summer, I composed Sing with Me as my own personal response to these concerns; it is the first piece for which I have also written the text. At the time, I was unsure of what the fall semester would look like for my own choir. Would we be in person? If so, how long might that last? Would we have to transition to online learning again? Therefore, I designed the piece to be accessible and adaptable to whatever situation we faced. 

My wonderful students at EKU recorded this piece as a virtual choir. It premiered on Monday, November 23 on YouTube (see below).

Scoring: SATB, piano
Text: Richard Waters (see below)
Duration: 2:00
Publisher: manuscript

Sample score

Recording (ChoralTracks)

World Premiere (EKU Combined Choirs)

Sing with me, as I sing with you,
Let the music revive us anew;
Yearning for beautiful harmony,
Come and sing with me.

All the world is longing for peace,
For all meaningless hatred to cease;
Joining together, your hand in mine,
Let our voices shine!

Dream with us, together as one,
For the day when the battle is done;
Fervently striving for unity,
Come and dream with me.

Come and sing with me.

(c) Copyright 2020 by Richard Waters. All rights reserved.